Tuesday, November 21, 2017


This week we have been researching about grasslands and I grouped up and this is our slide show. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Metamorphosis Of A Butterfly

Metamorphosis is when a living creature changes the complete form of its body and turns into a different thing like, cicadas, tadpoles/frogs and caterpillars/butterflies. The life cycle of a butterfly is first a caterpillar and then changes form into a completely different creature.

The first stage of the butterfly life cycle is when the  female butterflies lay eggs on the underside or stems of plants.Image result for butterfly eggs The eggs are as big as a sesame seed and the butterfly lays hundreds of them! It takes a few days for the eggs to hatch and  when the caterpillar has developed it starts squirming and then emerges from the egg by chewing a hole at the side of the egg. Some species of butterflies stay in the egg to survive the winter, that is why you mostly see butterflies in the summer. It takes several minutes for the caterpillar to emerge from the egg.

Once the caterpillar has emerged from the egg it eats its own eggshell, the function of the caterpillar stage is to be an eating machine. This is a long process because they have to eat a lot to become a chrysalis. They grow one hundred times their size and they shed five times because they outgrow their exoskeleton, their favourite preferred food is the milkweed leaves. Caterpillars only stay in this stage for 2-5 weeks but this is the most dangerous stage because only a few survive. Another name for the caterpillar stage is the instar stage.

Finally they hang upside down on a branch and form a chrysalis or what some people call a pupa, the pupa is a protective shell that the caterpillar evolves in. Moths make their pupa by spinning silk, the pupa can be soft or solid, web like or see through. Inside the pupa the old body dies, the caterpillars don’t rest in the pupa, actually there is lots of activity, it transforms by digesting its body and turning inside out. It uses the same juice that it uses to digest its food to breakdown it own body, its body cells break up and turn into something called imaginal cells, imaginal cells turn the caterpillar into a different shape, most of the cells are used to transform it into a butterfly. This process is called metabolism, that means when a creature transforms into a different thing or develops new abilities.

Then the butterfly starts to emerge from the chrysalis, another name for the butterfly stage or butterfly is the imago or the imago stage. The butterfly is extremely tired, it rests for a long time, while it is clinging onto the pupa it starts to flap and unfolds its wings, its wings are very delicate at first so the imago flaps its wings slowly. While it is doing this it is pumping blood into its body, it cannot fly good at first so it practises and it learns fast. It is also hungry so when it learns how to fly it looks for food, it needs to be warm to fly and it cannot fly without sunlight. Then it starts to look for a mate, then it lays eggs and the life cycle starts again. The butterfly can taste anything with its feet. The butterfly can only see the colours red, yellow and green.

The most important thing or the purpose of the imago is to lay as many eggs as it can. If it doesn't the life cycle can’t start over again.

Image result for butterfly monarch

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Wildself

African Lion mane - Looking good! Male African lions use their thick, dark manes to attract mates.

Red river hog ears - Your red river hoallg ears have long black and white tassels. They can fluff out as a defense mechanism to make you look bigger and intimidate predators.

Indian rhinoceros horn - Your Indian rhino horn is made of keratin, the same material as your fingernails. Unfortunately, rhinos are endangered because people poach them for their horns.

Siberian tiger paws - It's no fun getting stuck in the snow. That's why your Siberian tiger paws are extra large. They work just like snowshoes and prevent you from sinking.

African lion legs - Your African lion legs are extremely powerful and have long, retractable claws to help you bring down prey. Careful not to poke your eye out with those things!

Chilean flamingo wings - Your Chilean flamingo wings have dark feathers on their underside. Males use them in courtship displays by flapping their wings to make black flashes that attract the ladies. Ooh la la!

Siberian tiger tail - Your Siberian tiger tail is a four-foot-long aerodynamic masterpiece. It helps keep your balance when you're running. Just like a spoiler on the back of a race car.

We have been learning about adaptations. The information above tells you all the adaptions about my wildself. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Description of the beach

Trees tower above the sand, in the horizon little islands float on the sea. Clouds drift in the sky in a thin but long pattern. The dark but hollow cave leads from one to the other side of the cave that has colossal trees growing out of it. The water is stretching out onto the sand. Seagulls land on the smooth sand looking for food, water is rushing up onto the sand that has foam gently floating on top of it.

The smell of salty water from the vast ocean drifts into my nose, the fresh smell of the cold grass makes us relaxed. An irresistible smell of fish and chips attracts seagulls that start squawking.It feels like the delicious smell of fish and chips is almost feeding me.

The gentle breeze blows against my face as the persistent waves smash against the rock slowly shattering it appart. Bushy trees are leaning against the cave. Flexible leaves floating down from the trees. Trees sway side by side bumping into each other.

When I arrive at the beach all I want to do is to get in the water and go for a swim. All of my sadness floats away as I play in the sand and splash around in the water.

This week we have been writing about the beach, here's my description. I liked my description because I think I described everything very well.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fairtrade soccerballs

Did you know that footballs can be Fairtrade? We made this video explaining how footballs can be Fairtrade.